Carving in Stone

In order to feel satisfied we need to be fulfilled. In order to be fulfilled we need to get what we need. In order to get what we need we need to request for what we need, both from ourselves and from others. In order to request for what we need we need to know what we need. In order to know what we need we need to know ourselves. In order to know ourselves we constantly need to stop and ask ourselves what we think or don’t think. To ask ourselves what we like and don’t like. What we feel and don’t feel. It’s hard work, hey?

In my search I even find it hard answering to what my favourite color is. Do you know yours for sure?

The Swedish musician Lars Winnerbäck is singing ”Hugger i sten” (Carving in Stone) A few lines from this song pretty much says it all….

I’m carving in stone

slowly I start to see an outline

some arms and legs

I’m working my inward so I can see a figure…..


Build Bridges




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