Why spend hours at a restaurant without having a bite – A study of creativity

I’m not talking about working in it. No, I’m talking about taking your camera out for a walk on the street. Suddenly your eyes are drawn to the outside look of a restaurant. The place is closed but the door is open. And you simply cant help it, you just need to take a look inside. What you see don’t satisfy you. You want to see more. So you keep on, drawn by your curiosity and excitement.

A bit further inside you see a man.  You ask him if it’s ok if you take a look around and take some pictures of all the beauty they have created. The answer is ”yes, please take as many pictures as you like. And suddenly you realize you are in Edens Garden. Or in this case you are actually in Mylos Garden.

Enjoy. As I did. I cant’t tell you whether the food they are serving will satisfy your stomach. But I can promise you that every square meter of this garden restaurant will satisfy your eyes, your soul, and your camera lens. Is it even possible that anything can taste bad in this enviroment, I wonder.

So. If you ever go to the Greek Island of Crete; don’t miss out going to Platanias and visit Mylos Garden. If you eat? Welcome to let me know:-)

Bon Appetit!

Mylos Garden, Crete


All photos by ©IM Photo  ©Oladatter  All rights reserved



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