Deserted- In a Moment

There, at the end of the small dirt road to nowhere…. The deserted house. All covered in green you can hardly see it. A long time ago nature started it’s battle to retake all the parts it can possibly use.  Uninpeded it’s job can continue. No one is there to prevent it.

Half the roof has changed it’s location. From the inside floor, trees and plants are now growing, stretching towards the light from abowe where once the roof was.

In the bedroom  rats have been feasting on the mattresses in the untided bed. Some clothes left to dry still hanging there. During the years they’we been wet over and over again by the rain coming in. They no longer smells like a summer meadow. More like the rutten smell of a mire.

In the fireplace the parts of the  firewood not charred, are covered in moss.

If you close your eyes you can almost hear it; the drumming of small childrens feet on the floor….The sound of intimacy and Love from the bedroom.

Such a long time ago it must have been.

In a moment they were gone. Was it a happy moment? Did they have time to finish their coffee and say goodbye to their loved one’s?  We can only imagine.

But maybe not…..Cause in the backyard the old car is left to rust.


Copyright photos by ©IM Photo 2016 All rights reserved








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