The Visitor -Heritage from a Father

The rare bird….Sometimes dropping in for a visit. Unexpected, briefly and rather intense. Like the storm she is -Sudden. A bit violent. I never see it coming. I’m never prepared. She’s just there. Taking command. For a short period of time turning my world up-side-down. Then, just as sudden as she arrived, she’s gone. Leaving me in surprise and confusion. A little bit of fear and anger even. Leaving me with all my questions – what just happened? Who was that girl that in such a short time made me do things that never before crossed my mind? Impulsive and thoughtless. Not thinking of the consequences of my actions?

It takes me a while. A day, maybe. Or two. Then I remember. The visitor was the girl you created. Strong and fearless. A girl that believed in herself. A girl that could do anything she ever wanted.
You gave that to her; all the confidence she needed to go out in the world and make things happen. Doubtless and fearless.

She’s almost scaring me now, these days. So rare she is. But despite that. Despite the confusion and fear she leaves behind I can also sense something else. Amusement?  Joy? Oh yes. There’ definitely a bubbling laughter deep inside. There’s definitely a little smile on my face.

I wish you were around to see her, you know. Would she still make you proud? Would you still believe in her?
Cause you know, she needs you to. Whenever she’s runnning out of faith. Whenever she hesitates, stumble and doubt she needs you to.

I can almost hear your voice -That’s my daughter. That girl can do anything she want’s.-

Yes, I am. Always!

Yes, I can. Sometimes!

©Oladatter 2016. All rights reserved


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