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In every moment we are still alive

  All rights reserved. Copyright ©Oladatter 2016

Human touch – Bernardo Bauder

”Life is a puppetry where the puppets think they have a free will” Bernardo Nitashanta Bauder Bauder   ”It takes a whole lifetime to learn how to live life.”     ©Oladatter 2016. All rights reserved  

Human touch – Manolis Tsouris

When Wood meets Madness ©Oladatter All rights reserved ”I was born many years ago…..and the last 10 years….I live…..playing!” Tsouris Manolis Tsouris  

Words -the magic of Poetry

”Poetry’s a rainbow bursting from our black and white world” For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with the written words. Writing diaries since the age of ten, with my head in the books, and not being able to listen to music without trying to catch

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