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Övergivet -En tidsresa i de djupa skogar

I slutet av grusvägen på väg till ingenstans, det övergivna huset. Omsorgsfullt inbäddad i natur, det är knappt du ser det. I en annan tid började naturens kamp, att återta allt det som möjligt är. Resten får bli kvar. Helt ostört kan det tålmodiga arbetet fortgå, det finns ingen där

Deserted- In a Moment

There, at the end of the small dirt road to nowhere…. The deserted house. All covered in green you can hardly see it. A long time ago nature started it’s battle to retake all the parts it can possibly use.  Uninpeded it’s job can continue. No one is there to

Wildheart – a true tale from the forest

Death called her name The Calling from the Forest, even louder Sticks lying there, quietly on the ground. No eyes. No mouths. No visible hearts. Yet speaking to her.   With her tender hands she brings them to her place Giving them  faces Giving them words. And they speak. The

Are we Human or are we Dancers?

In our shallow and material world we are more or less slaves to the system. In some parts of the world more than in others. Up here in the colder parts we are thought at an early age that we need to be someTHING. Why? If we are someTHING we

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