Together for a Sunday in the Park – A documentary of our Time

The Sundays in the park is looking slightly different…

The surreal feeling of time standing still.

The new togetherness makes me feel yet more alone.

No eye contact. No smiles to brighten your day.

And I wonder; what are we learning?  What wisdom will be the outcome?

At least we are getting outside our doorsteps?

I feel old…

I feel scared.

For these monsters are starting to feel very real!

And I am LOST


All rights reserved. Copyright ©Oladatter 2016

Wildheart – a true tale from the forest

Death called her name

The Calling from the Forest, even louder

Sticks lying there, quietly on the ground.

No eyes. No mouths. No visible hearts. Yet speaking to her.


With her tender hands she brings them to her place

Giving them  faces

Giving them words.

And they speak. The words of wisdom. The words of enlightment.


Her friends. Close to her heart.

Returning her gift.

Giving her life. Bringing her joy.

Tell me; who would not cry, letting go of such friends?



”The forest is my University and the sticks are uniquely inspiring teachers”


”My professional stick picking is my revolution against the law of Jante”

Stick Art by Vildhjärta:

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Want more? Vildhjärta

All pictures by ©IM Photo  ©Oladatter All rights reserved