Happyland – a small travel Journey

”When do you feel happy?” You ask me.

”When I go to the Borderland” I say.

That’s the place between sleep and wakefulness. The place between dreams and reality.

Right there, beyond the rationally thinking. Beyond the restless and anxiety-provoking pondering. Far, far beyond all the fears and the need of control.. That’s where I find my peace of mind.

Have I told you that you can take me there?

When you are slowly stroking my skin with your warm hands…When your fingers are tenderly drawing through my hair. When you are that close; just there, in that moment….

That’s when I go there. To the Borderland. For a moment of Happiness.


That’s what you are. Giving. To Me.


All rights reserved. Copyright ©Oladatter 2016




Back Home

Moulder away, you heavy armors of Fear!

Fall down, you high walls of protection!

Open and feel, you blinded eyes and freezing hearts!


Come out, come forward, you great peace of Mind!

Show us your strength and your healing power.

And be the guide that brings all the lost souls back Home.


All rights reserved. Copyright ©Oladatter 2016



Together for a Sunday in the Park – A documentary of our Time

The Sundays in the park is looking slightly different…

The surreal feeling of time standing still.

The new togetherness makes me feel yet more alone.

No eye contact. No smiles to brighten your day.

And I wonder; what are we learning?  What wisdom will be the outcome?

At least we are getting outside our doorsteps?

I feel old…

I feel scared.

For these monsters are starting to feel very real!

And I am LOST


All rights reserved. Copyright ©Oladatter 2016